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 Product Detail - Herbsmith July Third Immediate Calming Supplement 30 ct Large Chews

Herbsmith July Third Immediate Calming Supplement  30 ct Large Chews
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July Third 30 ct Large
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Calm a dog with occasional nervousness with July Third Immediate Calming Chews, a natural way to promote relaxation and emotional balance.  A proprietary blend of calming herbs for dogs to help them maintain a normal, relaxed disposition in times of environmental stress and in situations that may cause anxiousness (changes in your pet's daily routine, separation, noise from fireworks and thunderstorms, trips to the groomers, meeting strangers, traveling and boarding.)

Use July Third the day before and/or the day of those situations that may cause stress and tension for a short-term immediate effect.  Administer the amount below a couple of hours before the stressor is expected to occur.  Dosing may be repeated every 12 hours.

30 – 59 lbs: 2 chew
60 – 99 lbs: 3 chews
>100 lbs: 4 chews

Large chews not recommended for dogs under 30 lbs.

Active Ingredients: Chamomile (150mg), Tryptophan (120mg), Passion Flower (100mg), Thiamine Monohydrate (100mg), Magnesium (80mg), Valerian (50mg)
*per two chews
Inactive Ingredients: rice flour, sunflower lecithin, rice bran, flax seed, oat groats, vegetable glycerin, salmon meal, cod liver oil, fruit juice, natural grain dextrin, sorbic acid, brewers yeast, vegetable oil  


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